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Valentino Ruggiero


Copyright 2021 - Valentino Ruggiero - Photography and Videography

Fotografo e Videografo di Matrimoni in Italia - p.iva 05701980657

Miglior Fotografo Italiano  Best Italian Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - Positano - Ravello  - Island of Capri - Sorrento - Ischia - Procida - Napoli - Italy


Light Storyteller

wedding photographer and videographer 

Valentino Ruggiero was born in Salerno, where the Divine Amalfi Coast begins; from an early age he was attracted to the art of photography that immediately enanched him for its charm.

As well as the human being appeals to the concept of immortality, he discovers that every moment can be stopped in a single photograph. The alchemy of writing with lights impresses and abducts him into a sort of new world, where everything can be shaped, according to the eye of the beholder.

Valentino has been collaborating from many years with professionals in wedding and non-wedding industry, shaping his technique, constantly looking for new vibes and sights, to be able to make moments of endless happiness in every shot.

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